The Difficulty Of Parenting In A Digital Age

by Paul Tripp

Every culture and generation could say, "Parenting is particularly hard because…" But I think there is one thing that is particularly unique about the culture in which we live. It is the availability of things—powerful, attractive things—that distract us.

We are so constantly distracted! It is hard to have quiet. It is hard to have reflection. It is hard to have moments of meditation. It is hard to have long conversations without being interrupted by some electronic device that's in my life.

And it's very easy to use powerful electronic tools to babysit your children as you're about doing whatever. Make sure that your family isn't so distracted by the powerful media that is everywhere in our lives, that those important quiet moments of reflection, examination, conversation, wisdom, guidance, forgiveness, and grace become neglected. Make sure that they are not so interrupted that you are never able to do the thing that every parent needs to do with their child. Distraction is a huge issue for the modern Christian parent.

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