Prayer Team On Sundays

Starting this Sunday, November 4th, 2018 we are excited to announce the launch of a new prayer ministry at Grace. Our prayer team will joyfully be ready to receive anyone who feels in need of prayer immediately following our gathering.

The Prayer Team will expectantly intercede on the behalf of the discouraged, weak, weary, suffering, and sick. They will respond to what you might bring forward to be prayed for and they will seek to be led by the Holy Spirit in the moment.

Since the prayer time will be after our gatherings it will be highlighted during our benediction. In calling the body to go—to be sent—we recognize some might feel like they can not go because they are wounded or sick. This upholds a good, biblical tension of care and mission in our liturgy. It is our hope that through this time of prayer individuals who are wounded, sick or hurting will then be equipped to be sent out.

We invite you to come forward and ask for prayer. Here are a few things we are expecting to pray for:

  • For healing (physical, emotional, relational)

  • For the removal of suffering

  • For guidance/counsel

  • To help fight temptation/sin

  • To confess sin

  • To fight the lies you are hearing/believing

  • To cast off demons

  • To help forgive others

  • To help reconcile with others

  • To be encouraged, built up, consoled

We are praying now for the Holy Spirit to do powerful work through this ministry.

  • Our God is the God of comfort who comforts us in our affliction

  • Our God is the God of healing who heals the broken

  • Our God is the God of forgiveness who forgives sinners

  • Our God is the God of reconciliation who reconciles what’s torn a part

  • Our God is the God of the victory who has triumphed over the enemy

Let’s pray expectantly to this God who has Genesis 1 (creation) on his resume!