The Four Gʼs

from You Can Change by Tim Chester

  1. God is Glorious
  2. God is Gracious
  3. God is Great
  4. God is Good

We fight to believe the truth about God (faith) and desire God above all other things (worship). When we ask what truths we need to turn to, weʼre not talking about knowing the right mantra about God to chant when we are faced with temptation. Saying, “God is in control,” over and over and over again will usually not stop the tide of worry and anxiety in our hearts. We must exercise faith in the greatness of God, and we must worship him as the Great One in order to win the battle against sin.

Imagine that you have never tasted honey. You might possess the knowledge of its sweetness because people you trust have told you its sweet. But that is very different from possessing a belief in its sweetness that can only come from the mouth-watering experience of honey on your tongue. When we truly believe God and experience the reality of who he is (by tasting and seeing that he is good), our desire for God will grow exponentially.

Whether weʼve already sinned or weʼre being tempted to sin, we need to speak truth to ourselves and worship God by telling him the truth about himself, because behind every sin is a lie. You cannot worship God and sin at the same time.

Below is a table of four idols coupled with four life-changing truths about God that war against these areas of disbelief. Use it to evaluate where you are worshipping or are tempted to worship an idol. Then turn and believe the "G" associated with that idol and worship Jesus!

Four G's Pic.jpg