2017 Timeline

In a recent newsletter I laid out the 2017 timeline for Grace Church. I've added it below along with a list view for our three seasons.



A time of prayer: As a family of currently 30 adults and 25 children (that includes four babies with due dates this summer!) and others who are interested in joining our family, we will gather once a month from January to April. Our first gathering will be on Wednesday, January 25th from 6:30pm to 7:45 at the Fort Worth Church of the Lord’s building seen above (fka Korean Central Church): 200 Mildred Ln E Benbrook, TX 76126. Grace Kids will be provided. There are currently 55 adults and 20 children registered! Please register yourself and your children here. We will devote ourselves to God’s Word and prayer. I will teach on Jesus as the grace of God to sinners and sufferers and the implications for our family. Then we will pray together for deep friendships as a family and bold evangelism so more people will meet Jesus and be welcomed into our family.

A time of rest: For those serving and leading at The Paradox now we want you to be intentional with the three months of Sabbath rest from February to April. It is a season to not serve The Paradox, to rest in Christ, and to prepare your heart and life for going to war in enemy territory planting a community of light—advancing the kingdom of God. 

As Pastor Jim of our mother church stated in May:

 “As your pastors who have a great love for you, we are intentional in trying to create healthy seasons of rest in the life of our church. Over the last year and a half Jesus has put it on my heart to labor for healthy, long-suffering, long-term ministry in a particular place, with a particular people; that I would be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy in order to do this with you through the valleys and the peaks, over the long haul.”

This is my desire as well—a healthy and enduring church. 



Those committed to planting (the core team) and others interested will gather weekly on Sunday mornings in the summer to learn and begin to live out our DNA as a family. There will be three preview services (one in June, July, and August) where we will intentionally invite our non-Christian friends to join us and hear about Jesus. 


FALL 2017

We will publicly launch on Sunday, August 20th where I plan on starting our sermon series through the book of John. We will hold our first membership class in the fall and multiply more Community Groups with the aim of deep friendships. My deep prayer is to baptize many people as we boldly evangelize our neighbors, coworkers, and friends and they meet Jesus—the grace of God to sinners and sufferers. 



January – April:

  • Continue to meet, disciple, and love the people God has graciously already brought us
  • The Paradox partners (members) that are being sent out rest from serving for three months to prepare to plant
  • Secure a location for Sunday gatherings  
  • Find a worship leader
  • Continue fundraising
  • Gather monthly for vision and prayer

May – August:

  • Gather on Sundays as a core team to learn and begin to live out our DNA
  • Have three preview services (one in June, July, and August)
  • Secure an office space if needed
  • Refine children’s ministry
  • Add 1-2 more Community Groups

August – December:

  • Publicly launch on August 20th
  • Hold first membership class
  • Baptize new Christians
  • Add 2-3 more Community Groups


Beyond 2017

  • Make, mature, and send disciples!
  • Plant churches!


Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts, ryan@gracebenbrook.com. I'd love to hear from you. Also I ask you to share this with your friends and family inviting others to join us. If you are new to us you can find our previous newsletters here.