The Mission

Grace Church exists to make disciples and plant churches by proclaiming and displaying the grace of God to sinners and sufferers. One way we will do this is by organizing in smaller gatherings and groups. Humans long for deep friendships. We are made for community as image-bearers of God. We are persons-in-relationship because we were created by a God who has always existed as three persons in one. The Christian God is Trinitarian. God himself is in community. Or more accurately, God is community: one God, three persons. Christians are saved to community and grow in community—the communal life of the church.

Community Groups join this mission with the aim to cultivate deep friendships, create a context for discipleship, provide care, and extend the mission of the church. They are a context for growing together in the gospel and living out the “one-anothers” of Scripture.


1. Gospel-Centered Discipleship: We do not see the gospel as just the entrance but the path we are to walk every day of the Christian life. We believe it is not just the means of our justification, but the means of our transformation. We believe it is not simply deliverance from sin’s penalty, but release from sin’s power. We apply the gospel to one another and ourselves in everyday life (e.g. pride, condemnation, approval, guilt, hopeless, etc.) and we practice the means of grace (i.e. Scripture reading, prayer, confession and repentance) in our group gatherings stirring one another to treasure Jesus.

2. Culture of Grace: Our community is authentic, gritty, and raw. We meet in homes and celebrate life with good food and good laughs. We stir one another up to love and good deeds. We don’t hide our sin and suffering but honestly expose it. We respond to one another in prayer and gentleness pointing one another to Jesus. We walk intimately with one another in our sin and suffering. We are transparent, not superficial; brothers and sisters, not acquaintances; known and loved, not disconnected and lonely.

3. Family Worship: We equip our parents in gospel-centered parenting and incorporate family worship into our Community Group gatherings. Our groups live as families and love one another’s children through teaching, helping, and encouraging.

4. Compelling Community: By our love for each other we make visible the love of our invisible God. Our Community Groups are an apologetic of the gospel to the non-Christians around us. We bless the greater community (Benbrook) we are a part of, not by railing against it from the outside but by loving it from the inside. We care for orphans (and poor) and widows (and single moms) like Jesus.

If you'd like to know more about groups or to be invited to a monthly lunch to get connected please email