Under Jesus, are two leadership offices of the church, elders and deacons. In the New Testament the word elder is synonymous with overseer and pastor. Look at it like this: elders hold the office but what they do is pastor (shepherd) and oversee. As we plant Grace Church we will have a plurality of elders through our sending church, The Paradox. We are committed to developing leaders in character, competency, compatibility, and capacity so we can install godly and local elders and deacons (see 1 Timothy 3).



I grew up in Clyde, San Antonio and Corpus Christi, before landing in Richland Hills where I finished high school. I attended a local Bible college where I met my wonderful wife, Kaylan. We got married in June 2006. After graduating college I worked on staff at two churches with high school and college students. Jesus transformed the trajectory of our lives by guiding us to Mars Hill Church, Albuquerque after I met Pastor Dave Bruskas at an Acts 29 Boot Camp. There we developed as leaders. We were also plugged in to Redemption Groups where we enjoyed a deep season of repentance–tasting the bitterness of our sin and then the goodness of the gospel and sweetness of God’s grace. After pursuing Jesus, we were led to move back to Fort Worth. I connected with Pastor Jim Essian and we moved June 2011 to be a part of The Paradox Church and love the city of Fort Worth. We have three sons, Jude, Owen, and Blake. I joined The Paradox staff January 2012 and became a pastor/elder in January 2013. I was sent out by The Paradox as the planting pastor of Grace Church Benbrook. 

Pastor Jim and I have been talking, dreaming, and praying about planting for years. In Fall 2013 we created multiple notes on a vision for a new church in Southwest Fort Worth. The desire to go began to grow within me in August of 2015. I began many conversations with my wife, our elders, and other friends. I knew we were going to be sent by The Paradox but didn’t know exactly where and for what. Then in the beginning of 2016 it seemed clear we were heading towards Southwest Fort Worth. I spent a day on March 17th seeking God through prayer and his word. I finished that day convinced we would plant a new church and shared this with multiple friends who confirmed: “Convinced I should plant in southwest. I want to lead an army of people to share the gospel and see Jesus save.” It was a week or two later that I was convinced of Benbrook. We moved to Benbrook in the summer of 2016 to begin moving towards planting a new church in and for Benbrook. 

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