Grace Kids' Expansion – Fall 2018

Grace Kids is a ministry to the family partnering with parents in the journey of our children’s discipleship. Our mission is to see children, also sinners and sufferers, transformed by the grace of God into disciples who treasure Jesus, have deep friendships, and boldly evangelize. One way we do that is by providing age-appropriate, Jesus-centered classrooms at our Sunday gatherings.

We need more classrooms!

Since May we have averaged 102 adults and 74 children (45 kids in our four classrooms, the rest in the sanctuary) on Sundays. The last two Sundays we had 51 children in our classrooms! 51 children hearing the Word, singing the Word, and praying the Word!

Our children are a mission field!

We have the honor to preach the gospel to 70-ish children in our midst. They need to experience the overwhelming love of our Good Father! We got to baptize one girl in the spring! And after hearing stories of two boys recently putting their faith in Jesus we’ll get to baptize two more children in the fall! The Spirit is at work in our children!

We have been dreaming and expecting to expand our Sunday classrooms since the beginning of the year but now it’s time to get real and get moving.

What might this look like?

  • Add 2 new classrooms
  • Place two elementary age classrooms in the fellowship hall using partitions
  • Re-organize 4 existing classrooms with smaller age ranges. Possibly:
    • 3-12 month
    • 12-24 months
    • 24-36 months
    • Pre-K (3 and 4 year olds)
  • Create designated check-in locations for first time guests and regular attenders.
  • Move check-in locations to fellowship hall to create a one way flow of dropping off children (no longer fighting the current)
  • Add more signage for worship, bathrooms, check-in, and to guide the traffic flow
  • Implement a new parent alert system using the media presentation software

That is what we’re envisioning. 

Our tentative launch date is August 19! We would promote and add new classes on the same day. We’ve got some work to do. We need your help. We need more adults who desire to join this mission.

We need more team members!

Fill out our serve form here to start the process.

Let’s toil by the power of Spirit praying and expecting for God to do big and beautiful things in our children this year!